Spill Prevention and Control DVD


RoSpa Approved Course ContentThis DVD includes information on:
•  Bulk Liquid Storage
•  Types of Spill Kit & Appropriate Use of them
•  Planning for and preventing spills

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This Spill Prevention and Control DVD takes the approach that “Prevention is better than a cure” – a motto to keep you safe when dealing with liquids and spills.

The DVD provides advice on:

•  Working with Bulk Liquid Storage
•  Drums & IBCs
•  Smaller liquid containers
•  Planning ahead
•  Spill Kits
•  How to handle and use spill kits

The DVD will provide your staff with the information they need to prevent a spill and where this is not possible minimise the impact on themselves, others, your business and the environment. The title will cover advice about the types of Spill Kits, how to use a general purpose spill kit for a minor spill and how this differs to using an external spill kit for a major spill. To aid maximum retention there is a comprehensive summary section and all of the material has been written to appeal to a wide audience.

The DVD comes complete with COSHH and Environmental Awareness Assessment forms as a printable PDF file on the disk.

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RoSpa Approved Course Content