Spill Prevention and Control Booklet


RoSPA Approved ContentCovering bulk storage tanks and common types of spill kits.

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This sixteen page Spill Prevention and Control booklet covers the important factors of reducing hazards such as slips and falls, environmental damage and exposure to harmful substances when spills occur. It looks at bulk storage tanks, including; stores, spill pallets, drums and smaller containers as well as the three main, common types of spill kits; general purpose, oil and chemical. With RoSPA approved content this booklet is ideal for anyone who works with bulk storage, drums and smaller liquid containers.

You will receive a link to two versions of the booklet – a standard PDF suitable for viewing on screen or basic printing or a paginated PDF, which will enable you to create your own booklet in-house, by simply printing the pages double sided, folding them together and stapling down the middle.

If you wish to have your booklets professionally printed please call us on +44 (0) 1745 535000 for a quote.

How does it work?

It is easy really.  You simply add the booklet to your basket as with any other normal product.

Once you proceed through the checkout and the payment is processed you will be redirected to a confirmation screen where you can quickly and simply download the PDFs to your computer / device.

If you want to download the PDFs at a later date simply come back to the website, log into your Safety Media Shopping Account and your products will be available for you under the Download tab.

The booklet is then immediately available for you to distribute to your team via email, save on a shared drive for all to access or print depending on your preferences.

The non-paginated version is ideal for screen viewing and single sided printing.  The paginated version will allow you to make your own booklets – simply print double sided and ensure you set your printer to “Flip along the Short Edge”.  All you then have to do is staple the middle and you have a great looking booklet for your employees to take away from their training session.

If you have any further queries about our downloadable booklet range please call us on +44 (0) 1745 535000. Thanks.



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