PPE DVD: One Life, One Chance


RoSpa Approved Course ContentDo your employees fully understand the consequences of not wearing PPE in the workplace? This DVD provides the viewer with a reminder of how important wearing PPE is and that you only get one chance with your life.

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PPE DVD: One Life, One Chance revolves around one day in a workplace and what can happen if Personal Protective Equipment is not worn.

The DVD follows numerous workers and the consequences of their decisions of not wearing the appropriate PPE for the task. The DVD gives each worker a second chance and rewinds back to the decision to show what should have been done.

This title covers:

•  The consequences of not wearing PPE
•  How your decision can affect your life

The DVD brings home the important message that you only get one chance with your life – don’t put your life at risk by not using PPE.

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“Safety Media has recognised that there are various reasons for not wearing PPE but workers’ reluctance generally stems from a failure to recognise the consequences.  Instead of spelling out the reasons why PPE should be worn, this DVD shows what might happen if PPE isn’t worn.”
Health & Safety at Work Magazine
RoSpa Approved Course Content