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RoSpa Approved Course ContentOver 1 million employees in the UK are exposed to levels of noise which put their hearing at risk. This Safety DVD is designed for both the employer and employees. A must have for every company.

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This noise awareness DVD is essential for anyone who works in a loud environment.

Your hearing is priceless; it enables you to communicate and helps you to stay safe at home and at work. This Safety DVD will provide you and your employees with the essential information you need for protecting your hearing.

This DVD is split into two parts; one aimed at the employer and the other at the employee.

The title covers:

•  How much noise is too much noise?
•  Advice on how to protect your hearing
•  The purpose of a noise assessment
•  How to protect your hearing at work
•  The protection available and its correct use

The DVD comes complete with an Assessment Form as a printable PDF file on the disk.

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RoSpa Approved Course Content