Manual Handling DVD (New Edition)


RoSpa Approved Course ContentFeaturing Glenn Ross, this DVD gives a new take on Manual Handling showing footage of the most modern manual handling procedures. Suitable for all workplaces.

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This Manual Handling DVD contains footage of manual handling taking place in one workplace which has an office, factory, warehouse and outdoors area.

It is a best practice, generic manual handling DVD suitable for all workplaces.

The title covers:

•  A clear look at the steps of a lift
•  Using manual handling aids
•  Pushing techniques
•  Dangers of pulling a load

DVD Extras:

•  Manual Handling: The Basics – short film showing the basics of lifting a box
•  Manual handling assessment forms as a printable PDF. Conduct manual handling risk assessments as and when required and have a permanent record.

RoSpa Approved Course Content3 for 2 Offer