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RoSpa Approved Course ContentHealth & Safety – We’re all Responsible is a DVD highlighting the importance of a good health and safety culture and the devastating effect a poor safety culture can have on a company.

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The Health and Safety we are all responsible DVD looks at the safety culture within an organisation and how this can be improved.

It’s taken for granted that when you start a new job you will receive adequate Health & Safety training for your role, but what if you didn’t? What are the consequences of your workplace not following Health & Safety procedures and not having a good health and safety culture?

Aimed at all employees from the board of Directors down, this DVD follows a new starter on his first day at a factory and we view the health and safety induction training from his perspective. We are shown the problems in the company including not wearing PPE or using signage, letting us and our new starter know that this company does not have a good health and safety culture.

This DVD covers the need for:

•  A good health and safety culture
•  Clear responsibilities for health and safety in a company
•  Clear communication and consultation on health and safety matters
•  Proactive approaches to Health & Safety
•  Health and safety as an organisational priority

Our new starter makes the decision not to stay at his job because of the safety hazards. Don’t let this be your company.

DVD Extras:
•  Desktop Wallpaper which can be downloaded onto your employees desktop featuring a safety message
•  Interview with Roy Thornley a Corporate Manslaughter expert
•  Risk Assessment Forms as a printable PDF. Conduct risk assessments as and when required and have a permanent record.

If you are looking for ways in which you can keep a record of your employees training in a safe and secure environment then you could consider the Safety Media e-Learning solutions which are available for as little as £56.84 per employee per license.  Alongside fire safety training you would also have access to Manual Handling, DSE, COSHH, Working at Heights, Spill, Prevention and Control and many others.

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“Your DVD, ‘We’re All Responsible’, is great. I am making use of this in different ways to various levels of staff- really pleased I bought it, can be used flexibly to deliver various key messages about H&S.” – Ray Allard, University of Kent

RoSpa Approved Course Content