Health and Safety in the Office DVD


RoSpa Approved Course ContentA comprehensive DVD which describes the health and safety issues faced within the office environment. The DVD looks at Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety and Slips, Trips and Falls.

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This health and safety in the office DVD will give your staff an overview of how to stay safe when working in an office environment.

This DVD takes a comprehensive look at the Health & Safety issues office workers need to consider to ensure they don’t cause injury to themselves or others. Health and Safety must be taken seriously in every work environment – including the office. Many of us think that health and safety rules and regulations only apply to those who work in an industrial environment; however office workers face hazards everyday.

Employers and employees working in an office environment have a duty to consider health and safety. This DVD takes a comprehensive look at office safety and what you can do to help make your office a safer place to work.

The DVD looks at:
•  Computer Safety (DSE)
•  Manual Handling in the office
•  Slips, Trips and Falls
•  Electrical Safety
•  Fire Safety
•  Everyday hazards
•  The importance of keeping the workplace safe and secure

If you are looking for ways in which you can keep a record of your employees training in a safe and secure environment then you could consider the Safety Media e-Learning solutions which are available for as little as £56.84 per employee per license.  Alongside fire safety training you would also have access to Manual Handling, DSE, COSHH, Working at Heights, Spill, Prevention and Control and many others.

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RoSpa Approved Course Content