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To help you stay aware of your hygiene responsibilities within the kitchen, Safety Media have produced this high-quality food hygiene safety DVD for organisations who deal with food preparation.

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This Food Hygiene DVD caters to the ethos for all involved in food safety management and helps to reinforce it as an essential for all modern kitchen environments. As the Food Standards Agency said: ‘Safer Food, Better Business’.

Statistics released in June of 2014 show how preventable many food-related illnesses are. It’s estimated that 500,000 cases of food poisoning were caused by known pathogens with the figure being almost double that for undiscovered pathogens. Understanding key necessities within the kitchen for hygiene is one of the ways in which this figure can be lowered for the future.

Coming in at 17 minutes long, this concise and informative DVD will be able to assist your learners with the following:

  • Indentifying the meaning of food safety.
  • How to prevent food-related illness.
  • Understand the importance of washing their hands before and after food preparation and also being aware of what role clothing and footwear have on hygiene.
  • Learning about food poisoning symptons and what can contribute to bacteria growth from four important ingredients.
  • Assessing high risk foods.
  • Correctly storing food.

Identifying the dangers of poor hygiene should be at the forefront of thinking for all kitchen staff. Raise awareness within your organisation by providing this DVD as a worthwhile resource.

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RoSpa Approved Course Content