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Please note this item is currently not available to purchase on the website.  Please contact us for information regarding costs and set up.  You can drop us an email via or call us on 01745 535000.  Many thanks.

Express e-Learning Licenses from Safety Media will allow you to allocate relevant health and safety e-Learning courses to your employees quickly and efficiently allowing for speedy compliance in all relevant areas.

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Express e-Learning Licenses deliver an excellent health and safety training solution targeted to small, medium enterprises (SME), typically up to 100 employees.

Express really does deliver simple e-Learning.  It also now incorporates our bespoke Training Needs Analysis tool which will help you determine training needs for your employees quickly and efficiently.

Express e-Learning from Safety Media uses Safety Media’s own unique SME learning management system (LMS); specifically built to deliver expert Health & Safety and compliance based training. Express offers a structured built in risk management tool, a self-testing facility and fully auditable reporting. Ease of use and quick access to consistent auditable training records remain the key feedback comments made by our clients.

An open license is offered to our Express solution permitting full and unlimited 24/7 access to the largest library of Health & Safety titles in the industry produced by Safety Media, experts in this sector.

FAQs about Express e-Learning

What is an Open License?
The open license from Safety Media will enable you to assign as many of our top quality training courses to your employees as you like – you can ask them to do all 100+ of them if you choose to!


What is the difference between the types of courses?
Interactive Courses use multimedia technology to enable more user interaction with the course.  This style of course encourage “Lean Forward” learning to help cement ideas and information.

Video Courses use more video based content to allow for “Lean back” learning.  A lot of our titles are available in either style so you can tailor your training to particular learning preferences.

Specialist Courses are titles which are less relevant to the majority of organisations or for use outside of the UK.  Specialist courses are therefore not necessarily active in the standard library immediately and need to be “switched on” by your Safety Media contact.

Refresher Courses are short 5-10 minute courses covering the basics of the title and are designed to remind learners of information previously learned.

How do I get started?
All you need to do is buy 1 license per employee and decide which courses will be required for each of them. Access to the training is all done online and there is no need for your IT team to be involved at all, it really is as simple as logging in and getting started – in fact, we can get you up and running within an hour!

Can I reuse licenses if staff leave?
Yes of course, you can make the user inactive and reuse the license as you wish and still have access to the inactive user’s training record if required.