Essential Training Collection 3 – 12 Titles on 1 DVD


The complete introductory and budget ranges with the full offering of Safety Media posters in a printable format. Also included is the complete collection of assessment and inspection forms, to complete risk assessments.

Save over £400 with this DVD package!

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The Essential Training Collection 3 is a selection of materials grouped together to make your training a much more straight forward process.

DVDs included in this title are: 

1)    Britain’s Top Ten Accidents – A countdown of the most common accidents occurring every year in Britain.  This DVD acts as a great talking point for addressing accidents within your company. Ideal for using as a Toolbox Talk, during refresher training or during an induction to highlight the possibility of an accident in the workplace.

2)    Top Tips – Fire Safety – Raise awareness of fire safety in your workplace, with the top tips your employees should know.  Ideal for refresher training sessions or as a Toolbox Talk, this DVD will provide your employees with a brief overview of the key areas of fire safety in the workplace.

3)    Top Tips – Health & Safety – A concise course providing your employees with the key tips they need for their continual health and safety. Whether used during training for new starters or during a refresher training session, this DVD covers the top tips every employee needs to know.

4)    Top Tips – Manual Handling – Most jobs involve some form of manual handling. This DVD promotes the key steps of a lift in a simple and effective way, ensuring your employees are presented with essential knowledge in a short concise DVD.

5)    Top Tips – Office Safety – Although the office may not be a particularly hazardous place in which to work, it would be a mistake to think that accidents never occur.  This DVD will provide top tips on the hazards workers need to look out for in an office environment.

6)    Introduction to Health & Safety – Good health and safety practice is one of the most important aspects within any work environment. Looking at all of the key areas, this course is ideal for providing your employees with a general understanding of health & safety,  covering the key Health & Safety topics.

7)    Driving Safely (Budget) – A course for those who drive a vehicle as part of a job or simply drive to get to work. Ideal for promoting awareness of safe driving, the DVD can be used during induction training or as part of a driving safely training course.

8)    DSE (Budget) – Computer workstations or equipment can be associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, as well as with fatigue and eyestrain. This DVD shows the correct way of setting up a workstation to avoid injury. It will provide an informative guide to DSE users to help avoid injury.

9)    Fire Evacuation (Budget) – A refreshingly simple and clear DVD highlighting the steps of the evacuation procedure with some light hearted elements.  It highlights the steps of a fire evacuation in a clear, concise and simple way. Ideal during induction training or for fire evacuation refresher training

10) Manual Handling (Budget) – Ideal for every worker within all industries as the DVD is not set in any specific workplace.  The course covers the correct technique for lifting and carrying and the 6 steps of a lift in a simple, concise way.

11) Risk Assessment (Budget) – Ideal for promoting risk assessments in the workplace with a simple and clear training course.  This DVD will help to provide understanding of risk assessments and why they are needed in your business.

12) Top Tips – (Budget) – Ideal as a Tool Box Talk and for providing your employees with a brief overview of key safety messages. This course highlights the top tips for fire evacuation, risk assessments, DSE, driving safely and manual handling.


  • Your Safe Office
  • Computer Safety
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Manual Handling Safety
  • Correct Lifting
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Fire safety
  • Food Hygiene Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Emergency First Aid
  • COSHH Safety Poster
  • Fire Safety Poster (Polish)
  • Manual Handling safety (Polish)


Assessment Forms

Our complete collection of Assessment and Inspection Forms are included in this essential Collection. The bundle contains 18 forms ideal for Health & Safety Managers, Officers or Supervisors to conduct workplace inspections and assessments. The assessment forms are in PDF format and can be filled in on screen and printed as documented proof.


The total individual selling price for the 12 DVD titles, 13 posters and risk assessment forms would be £1064 – that’s a massive saving of £465! 


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