Britain’s Top 10 Accidents DVD


Raise awareness of accidents in the workplace with this countdown of the top 10 accidents occurring in Britain.


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This Britain’s Top 10 accidents DVD features the top 10 most common accidents.

These accidents include:

•  Being trapped by something collapsing/overturning
•  Exposure to fire
•  Contact with electricity or electrical discharge
•  Struck by moving vehicle
•  Exposure to, or contact with, a harmful substance
•  Contact with moving machinery
•  Strike against something fixed or stationary
•  Falls from a height
•  Slips, trips or falls on same level
•  Injured while handling, lifting or carrying

This DVD acts as a great talking point for addressing accidents within your company.  Ideal for using during as a Toolbox Talk during refresher training or during induction training to hit home the possibility of an accident in the workplace.

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