5 Steps to Risk Assessment DVD


Safety Media have developed a new approach to Risk Assessment training. 5 Steps – Risk Assessment in your Workplace, provides an interactive method of training your employees in the importance of risk assessments. Questions are posed throughout the DVD to encourage discussion and retention.

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This 5 Steps to Risk Assessment DVD will give you and your employees an overview of the steps required to carry out a successful risk assessment.

During 2004/05, 220 people were killed and over 150,000 were injured at work because of a failure to manage risk. Source: HSE

In view of these worrying statistics, Safety Media have developed an InteractiveDVD. The DVD is an innovative solution to risk assessment training. This DVD will show the viewer how risk assessments don’t need to be daunting and time-consuming tasks. An emphasis is placed on how they can easily become second nature during a working day.

The DVD looks at:

• What is a risk assessment?
• What is a hazard?
• How to conduct a risk assessment – a detailed look at the 5 steps involved.

With retention in mind, Safety Media have developed interactive content as part of this DVD. Questions are posed throughout the DVD, ensuring that the viewer fully understands the subject matter. This also gives the trainer an opportunity to discuss the content. This DVD will raise awareness within your organisation that everyone is responsible for their own risk assessment.
Ideal for every member of the workforce from managers to employees.

The DVD includes Risk Assessment Forms which are included on the disc as a downloadable PDF and can be printed off to complete risk assessment around the workplace.

Overall, this DVD easily achieves its aims, and manages to convey what is essentially a very dry subject in an effective and viewer friendly manner. Using everyday scenarios, taken from a variety of workplaces, and demonstrating how risk assessment is mostly a matter of common sense, it successfully drives its message home.” Health & Safety at Work Magazine
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